With a challenging situation at home at present I am craving solid foundations.  As well as spending time outdoors as often as possible and enjoying working with crystals, I am also rediscovering the power and magic of runes.


Tarot was my first divination tool and remains a huge passion but the energy of the runes is distinctly different.  There is a solidity in their messages which feels much older and more earthy.  They do not mess around with their advice and guidance.  It’s like going to a grumpy Grandma; one who will tell you straight because you need to know.  No sugar-coating.  No niceties.  Stop wasting your time, they say.  This is what you need to know, now get on with it.

I use runes in the same way that I use tarot, a daily pull can be helpful.  I like to draw the rune I’m working with (it’s soothing to practice, a kind of creative meditation).  Sometimes I combine them to create bindrunes to set intentions or work a little magic.  If I’m working with a specific rune I draw it on my skin, in oil or ink, to remind me of the message and also tie myself physically to the rune itself.  Practices I am learning involve chanting the rune names and creating my own runes (so far I’ve worked with beach pebbles).

For an excellent guide to working with runes I would highly recommend The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum, comprehensive information on using the runes as a tool for spiritual practice and personal growth.  For regular daily runes see my IG feed or, if you’d like a rune reading of your own, you can book in at my website.

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