Time travel letters

I’m working through The Artist’s Way at the moment.  I am celebrating having got to week four.  One of the tasks is to write letters to yourself, both from the past and from the future.  I thought they were really interesting!

From eight year old me:

girl in tree

Remember to dream, to imagine, to be wild, to be outside, to climb trees, to get lost in books, to play at the beach, to dig a sand hole big enough to hide in, to play on the swings, to eat blackberries straight from the brambles, to jump in puddles, to collect feathers and shells, to lick cake mix from the spoon, to go outside in the rain and let the drops fall on your tongue.

From eighty year old me:


You are doing your best, which is all anyone can ask.

Be kinder to youself. Play more. Day dream.

When it comes down to it you will realise you need very little.  Make peace with yourself. You are a child of the universe and she loves you.

Enjoy creation.  Enjoy your people.  In the end it doesn’t make much sense so enjoy the ride, take it as it comes.  Seek joy.

With love

Fiona xx

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