Nine steps to connecting with She

In the style of a lifestyle magazine here are nine of the steps I’ve taken to connect with the sacred feminine, as an offering and a signpost; gotta love a “how to” list ❤

  1. Read Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  This book literally changed my life, the stories which begin each chapter are magical and the explanations about how these link to wild feminine spirituality and life are deeply moving.  Journal
  2. Journal.  Write or blog your journey.  Once I’d started looking for my wild feminine self and seeking the Goddess there were signs and synchronicities all around.  In dreams, in the natural world.  Tracking the journey helps me to see where I’ve come from and ponder where I am.  It begins to clarify the patterns and spirals I’m moving through.
  3. Watch Women and Spirituality: Full Circle for an accessible introduction to the women’s spirituality movement born in the seventies and eighties.
  4. Learn to breathe.  Move out of your head and breathe into your heart and belly.  Profile of Face with SwirlsBegin to allow your body to teach you what you need.
  5. Connect with Gaia.  Sit on the ground outside.  Place your palms on the earth.  Breathe slowly and feel for the energy of Mother Earth.  Allow her to hold you.  When you’re ready send love back through the palms of your hands into the earth.
  6. Sign up to Vanessa Sage’s wonderful (and free!) Meet the Goddess course.   You will receive five Goddess prompts and can work at your own pace as you explore different  goddesses and aspects of She and connect through daily reflection. Goddess statue
  7. Connect with natural rhythms.  Work with Joanna Powell Colbert’s 30 Days courses over at Gaian Soul.  These take place around each of the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year.  You’ll receive a daily email with an art focus, a reflection and a journal prompt.  Joanna has such a wealth of wisdom and grace to share and this has transformed my understanding of the natural world and rhythms, as well as introducing me to a range of goddess stories and practices, and encouraging me to get creative.  Each course is available for $19.  Also check out The Moon is my Calendar for April McMurty’s work.  I’m just beginning this work but it’s already helping me to be more focused about what I’m working on with intention setting and what I’m releasing each moon. I’m learning to work with my ebbs and flows.
  8. Bummed out spreadConnect with your intuition.  There’s a knowing within each of us which is drowned out by mental chatter and book learning.  Reaching down to your solar plexus you might be able to feel it, that sense that allows you to know when someone isn’t being wholly truthful, or when something good is coming your way.  I’ve been working with tarot and oracle cards.  I started with The Alternative Tarot course at Little Red Tarot.  My current favourite decks are the New Age Hipster Instaoracle (it’s so much fun and  both accessible and deeply insightful in readings) and the Green Witch Tarot (because, witches!)
  9. Join a circle.  It’s not easy to find groups where we can feel safe sharing our woo woo selves, heck it’s not easy sometimes looking in the mirror and admitting it’s safe to let our soul out to shine.  Virtual groups are brilliant and I’ve made friends all over the world through these. The pop-tastic Vix at New Age Hipster has just launched her group The Circle and I’m over the moon about being a part of that.  Alternatively you might want to look for a Red Tent group, these usually meet on or near the full moon and provide sacred, safe spaces for women to gather and share.  The Red Tent Directory covers groups in Britain and Europe. Henna Decorated Hands Arranged in a Circle


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