A living priestess

It’s now almost two moons since I began working with Vanessa Sage on her Sage Priestess certification.  Priestess EDWTThe journal I’ve been working through provides a chance to reflect on the path I’m traveling.  I am struggling to put something so deep into words, it is felt, in my body, my breath, as much as anything, thought is only partially capable of capturing the essence; the deep soul song, dancing in my body, heart beat drumming the pulse, shimmering, shining, graceful, full of joy and love.

When I began in May I was feeling fractured, longing for the freedom and joy in life that I recall from childhood, the daydream wanderings and wonderings, hours to stare at clouds, to follow the twisting paths of imagination.  I was aware that in practical terms there remains a need for me to go out into the world and engage with work and grocery shopping and care for my family.  My question was how can I embody the priestess and be authentic, real and grounded?

I spent several weeks downloading resources, attending our online groups, listening to inspiring teachers and learning from my sisters in the circle.  I began to get back into an old mindset of achieving, doing, worrying about being “good enough”.  Wise words from Vanessa reminded me to show up as I was, where I was.

As I worked with my intention to be present something shifted downwards.  A sense of rootedness, of being entirely at home in myself and my situation.  So that “being” a priestess, ultimately, is about being most entirely myself.  There will be no one pattern, though there will be common threads, a desire to heal, to serve, to hold sacred space, to listen, to create, to share vision.  The details will depend on the priestess.  Some of us are full time workers on this path; guiding others, leading workshops, teaching yoga or practising healing therapies.  For some of us our priestessing is worked out in our gardens, our employment, our acts of creativity.

Strength EDWTThe seeds I am working with, as I prepare for the next cycle, are; being present, connected, authentic.  Being wholly human and divinely blessed.  Being prepared to show up and be seen as I am. Seeking magic, wonder and grace in each day.

(Images from the Everyday Witch Tarot)


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