Salt and pepper


A little kitchen witchery for a weekday.

I wrote, about two years ago now, about using the tools we have at hand for our magic.  Etsy is a lot of fun and there is much loveliness, and it’s easy to get caught up with having that little trinket for the altar and the right kind of wand and so forth.  Nothing wrong with that but it isn’t the stuff on the outside which makes the witch, it’s the stuff you’re made of.

With that in mind a litte traditional folk magic goes a long way.  Protection magic is a good place to start, you make sure your doors and windows are locked, it makes sense to work some energetic protection too.

For this piece of work you will need:

Kitchen salt (rock salt or sea salt if possible)

Pepper corns

I take my salt grinder and my pepper grinder, one in each hand, and shake them, like maracas.

As I move my arms I’m shaking my intention into each hand and into the salt and pepper.  My intention that the home be safe, that no harm enter, that we are protected.  Then I take them outside (casual like) and I grind salt and pepper on the front step, and also at the edge of the property where our drive meets the pavement outside. As I do this I am imagining a shield of protection, an invisible line, drawn on the stone.

And that, dear ones, is that.  There are a whole load of other things you could do too, such as add mint, or essential oils to the mix, but for today this is it.

Mischief managed. So mote it be.


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