Ways into witching

So you’re exploring spirituality.  You have decided you’re on a more earth-based track, there’s a vague sense that you are on a path, new and also as old as time…you whisper the word and wonder…witch.  But where do you start?  How do you develop your knowledge and skills from here?

There isn’t a right way, just like there isn’t a right way to live your life, or raise your children, it’s something felt, grown into.  It’s a subtle journey, feeling your way forward with your toes in the earth.   But if you’re looking for a signpost, these are some of the things I have found helpful.

  1. Meditation – this is a key tool for crafting. There are heaps of resources on the internet.  Nicole Cody offers a range of guided meditations at Cauldrons and Cupcakes to get you started.
  2. Candles – colours can be great and as you develop your work you may find these help you to focus and clarify your intent. But a plain white candle from your local supermarket is enough.  Take a moment to breathe in slowly before you light it.  Focus on the brightness of the flame as you offer a few moments of thanks and prayer to the goddess and god.
  3. Ethics – whether you consider yourself a Wiccan or a witch, ethics are an important consideration.  I seek to practice a magic which avoids harm to others and find the Wiccan Rede a good starting point: and ye harm none, do what ye will.black cat
  4. Awakened Soul Coven Outer Court Series – these free lectures from Ethony provide a comprehensive background to witchy life and beliefs. Covering everything from the wheel of the year to gods and goddesses.   If you find them helpful and want to go further Ethony also offers the Inner Court for monthly full moon rituals…
  5. Books – so many and never enough time. Here are a few I’ve found particularly good:

Everyday Witchcraft – I love this book ( I’m a Deborah Blake fan).  It is honest, straightforward and down-to-earth.  I appreciate the sensible approach to spirituality and the suggestions for ways in which to walk your witchy talk in the every day.

Hearth Witch CompanionAnna Franklin’s book contains a range of recipes and spells for every season and occasion with a beautiful, earthy and centred energy.

Sacred Earth CelebrationsGlennie Kindred’s book on the wheel of the year with background on the sabbats and ways to celebrate with the whole family.

  1. Crystals – crystal friends have helped me to stay focussed, healthy and protected as I explore my spiritual path. They’ve been part of rituals and remedies and I am thankful for my growing relationship with them.  Hay House offer a range of courses and I found Judy Hall’s introduction to working with crystals comprehensive and accessible (and affordable!)crystals
  2. Friends – joining a group to talk about your spiritual journey can be really helpful, especially at the start when you’re not sure who to share with. Vix Maxwell’s group Spiritual Journey Pitstop is an open, dogma-free zone and offers a welcome to seekers of all spiritual persuasions.
  3. Guidance – divination can help you get clear on the path ahead and point to energies at play as you journey. I’ve worked extensively with tarot.  I started with The Illuminated Rider-Waite deck, a copy of Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning and Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course. Alternatively, you might want to explore runes, charms or dowsing to help as you travel your witchy way.rider waite
  4. The web – not a spidery one across your witch’s cottage door, the world-wide variety. There’s a lot of information out there.  Travel carefully.  Maybe keep some black tourmaline with you for protecting and grounding, and keep your energetic wits sharp too. Go with what feels wholesome.
  5. Tools – this is more of a next-steps thought but worth considering. The witch makes the magic, not the tools.  Beware of witchy materialism, it’s temptation in the beginning (I speak from experience). When it comes down to it you don’t need any tools at all to be a witch.  That said tools can be a helpful aid in ritual and support your focus as you work.  This article on Witchvox gives a basic introduction.
  6. Go gently with yourself. It’s a journey.  Like anything it will take time, patience, trial and improvement.  One step at a time. Follow the yellow brick road and remember, you had the power all along.yellow brick road 1

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