New month, new moon

I’m going to be working through Lizzy Worth’s Enter the Oracle challenge this month (see ).  This is part of continuing work to reconnect with my creative/ intuitive self.  Lizzy suggested a new moon reading with a few key questions and this is what came up. I used The Wildwood Tarot  ( :

New moon reading Sept 2016

My reading –
You are at the start of a new phase of life’s journey, the path is before your feet. Trust your inner guide to lead you by safe paths. You will find a new life and energy to enable you to work creatively, in tune with the natural flow of life. To do this you need to learn from the joyous, blessed Earth, living from your truest self. Preparing the ground by clearing the old will allow for new growth. Welcome this as part of life’s cycle and let it bring healing.

So may it be.

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