Unlock Your Magic

sparkler-839831_1920I believe each of us has a spark of magic inside us.

That spark is our unique gift to the world.

I believe that within all these magical sparks is all that we need for healing and wholing our world and each other.

It took me a long time to believe in this magic.

I mean; I wasn’t tall enough, or gracious enough, or clever enough, or wise enough, or confident enough or enough or enough or enough.

I was moody and scratchy and broken.  My body didn’t always work the way I wanted it to, my family weren’t polished and “normal”, I was divorced, fragile, I carried scars in my spirit that ached, oh and I couldn’t draw.

I don’t know when it happened. Usually its when I’m looking out of the window into a garden, or walking quietly across the fields.

I saw it, like a vision, a web of light connecting around the world, soul to soul, heart to heart. That what I was bringing to the world included all of that mess and ache and confusion.

That it wasn’t about being perfect.  And that I was, and always had been, more than enough, exactly where and how I was.

The magic which unlocked that day was the ability to walk through life in my own skin, in the way which fits around my own heart and soul.

This is our life purpose.  To fully inhabit the life we have.

It can mean breaking out of unhealthy patterns, it can mean a lot of time in therapy, it can mean accepting our limitations, working through grief and facing down our deepest fears.  It can mean doing this again, and again.

It can mean quiet days when we need to tend our own selves, protect and nourish our inner soft spaces.

It can mean being fiercer than we knew we could be, raging, tempestuous.

It can mean drawing lines, creating containers, learning to say no.

It is not an easy path, it isn’t soft, and often it is not at all comfortable.

But in the midst of this journey you’ll find it, the magic you thought you’d lost, or never knew existed.

And this spark will warm you,  it will grow as you tend it, it will flame until it can’t be contained and it shoots right out of your fingertips and eyes, revealing itself in your words and workings, wherever and whatever that looks like.

It is the power at the heart of our very existence, encoded in our cells, burning in our bones, flowing through our blood, rushing like a hurricane in our breath.

It is our own wild magic come to set us free.

Come with me, let us search, let us seek.  With oracles and healing, with spells and circles, under the moon’s glow or in the darkest shadows.  I am here.  Take my hand.


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