Mirror, mirror

Time is squeezing. Sometimes it opens up like a view from high hills. Right now it feels like a packed tube train in rush hour. It is upon me before I know it and then, for a while, I waste even more wishing for the open spaces back. My mum’s condition has worsened. As I write I’m on her bed keeping company while she settles to sleep…

This shift, coupled with a tendency to perfectionism, can stifle any kind of creativity. I am finding that what helps is doing something. Today’s something was a small and simple piece of mirror magic, which I thought you might enjoy too.

You will need:

1 small mirror pre-threaded (I found mine for £4 on Amazon)

A Sharpie or other marker

Optional: a sprig of fresh rosemary and tape


This is a basic piece of mirror magic. When completed you will hang it in the porch or on your front door.

Take your mirror. With the Sharpie write on the back your intention or wish, for instance “only love may enter here”.

If you are using rosemary (a great herb ally for protection spells) tape it to the back of the mirror too.

Your mirror spell will send back or away anything you don’t want (negative energies) to whence it came

So mote it be. Mischief managed.

Happy witching ❤

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