How to witch

12B62583-B9A0-4D11-954E-85281E1F3E01Begin with the nudge behind your left ear. The whisper of the grass. The swelling and shrinking of the moon. Feel a yearning in your soul, your belly, your limbs, an ache calling you home.

Next question how you find the path (not realising you’re already on it) …start with purchasing…Books. Crystals. Altar tools. Essential oils. Sign up for online classes. Join Facebook groups. Follow the #witchesofinstagram. Google everything.

Next craft rituals, keep a book of shadows, lay out elaborate and mystifying tarot spreads, have a palm reading and study your natal chart. Read up on gods and goddesses.

Wake up one day and be captivated by the beauty of a bee on the lavender. Feel the earth pulse beneath your bare feet on dew soaked grass. Feel the breath beneath your ribs, thrill as a bat flies overhead on the hunt, feel your soul sing as you dip yourself whole in the clear, cold river.

Get simple. Find magic in shells and stones. In found objects or a twisted twig. Choose an acorn and a feather for your altar. Weave spells from string and pine cones, salt and kitchen herbs. 

Find the cauldron you seek tucked safely beneath your rib cage, behind your navel. Find your wand in your index finger. Feel magic beating in your blood and echoing in your bones, feel it rising up from the earth, warm and nourishing.

Know that you were born not made. That if they cut you in half it would say witch through to your marrow like a stick of peppermint rock. Be the magic you were made to be. Only you can.

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