Lemon Balm

Lemon BalmPlants are magic.  I love this herb.  It has a vibrant, tangy, fresh fragrance.  It’s leaves are a limey green covered in soft down when young and darken, growing glossy with age.  Bees love it too, always a good sign.What’s even better is it can help with low mood and anxiety.

When I use a plant to make remedies I get to know it first, sitting with it, observing it.  Once I’ve got a sense of my plant ally I’m ready to pick some leaves. I’m looking for the healthiest leaves, avoiding those which are browning or blemished.  I don’t take more than ten percent from each plant or I could damage them.  And then I thank them for sharing their goodness with me (respect!)

So once I have my leaves I set them out for a while to allow any creatures to make their escape.  If I’m having a stressy day I might then take a handful of leaves and steep them in freshly boiled water.  After about five minutes I’ll strain them and compost the pulp.  The tea is refreshing on its own, though for added soothing I add some honey.  I can take this up to three times a day if needed.

Lemon Balm remedyA recent project was my first tincture.  I took leaves and filled up a small jar then covered it with alcohol (I used a value brand vodka).  I will leave this for six weeks and then strain it and decant my potion into dark glass dropper bottles (not forgetting to date and label them).  I’ll then use five drops in a small glass of water when needed.


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