Faversham Stone Chapel

I love exploring ancient sites. Since reconnecting with the old ways six years ago I’ve felt a greater affinity with these ancestral places. Maybe its a romantic imagination, I love to picture the people who were here before, their daily lives, the thoughts which inspired them to create their sacred spaces.

The path runs through farmland close to the London Road

We parked in Four Oaks Road and took a short walk back to the main road and then followed the signpost across a wheat field to the site. Today is the start of our next heatwave so we arrived around half seven in the morning.

Into the trees

The site was shaded by a small grove of trees. Sheep called from a nearby field and the wheat whispered its harvest song.

The Chapel incorporates an earlier Roman Mausoleum, the only known site to do this in the country. You can tell which part of the building this is by the red brick tiles in the walls. It is a uniform square section, with the Saxon and medieval additions clear from differences in the wall’s construction.

Part of the mausoleum wall.

The site is managed by English Heritage and free to access. Sensible footwear is advisable and as with all ancient sites be aware of uneven ground and leave as you find.

Definitely worth a look if you are passing by.